Zombie Bunny Box


Zombie Bunny Box

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Reviving this little devil for the 2018 calendar year.  For one month get a box of our famous bread, cultured butter, amazing pastries, brioche, preserves, and other goodies.  These will be shipped to your door 4 times a month.  You'll get some of our best treats!  Each week the box will change although there may occasionally be a repeat for something particularly awesome.  Think of your box like a CSA.  Just without that one week when you get nothing but kale.  Get in line because we can only do 50 of these a month!  So first come, first serve.  Last one in's a rotten egg! (Don't be the egg.)


We use all local, organic ingredients.  Everything is very real and hand crafted by just a few humans.  No robots, no big factory ovens.  The machines haven't taken over.  Yet.


We cannot accommodate allergies or restrictions, but you can expect relatively veggie friendly treats.  If you have a major allergy it will make us very sad, but best to play it safe and not order a Zombie Bunny Box.  Expect that there will be cross contamination with nuts, dairy, soy and shellfish (I don’t know why there would be shellfish contamination, but let's just say there might be and cover all the bases just to be safe).


You will receive four deliveries a month shipped through UPS. The $50 shipping fee covers all four deliveries.  They will be sent out on Friday or Saturday.  There will be no deliveries on weeks with major holidays (Easter, 4th of July, Beyoncé's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas), but worry not.  You will still receive your four deliveries.  We'll just send it the following week. 

Please read FAQ below.

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What if I want to subscribe to more than one month?
First of all, thanks! That’s awesome! To subscribe to multiple months you must select each month you wish to receive our goodness.

What if this is a gift?
Please select gift option and we will send your recipient a card to let them know they will be receiving a Zombie Bunny Box in 2018.

What if I want to give them the card myself?
Please let us know in the memo where you would like your zombie bunny box gift notice sent.

When will gift flyers go out?
Within 5 business days. If you purchase your Zombie Bunny Box as a gift after December 18th, we can send you a PDF of the card for you to print for your recipient. 

How are the boxes shipped?
We ship through UPS.  You will receive a tracking number from UPS as your boxes ship.

What if I’m not home when the box is delivered?
If UPS does not or can not leave the box contact them to arrange for re-delivery or pick-up.

Are there perishables?
There will be very little in the way of perishables, however they should be opened and stored properly as soon as possible.

What if I entered the wrong address or my address changed?
Please double check everything is correct before placing your order, but if there is a problem email us and we'll be in touch to take care of it. Make sure to include your order number.

Whom can I call for questions?
Unfortunately, we cannot handle calls. Please know we will read all emails. Be sure to include your order number with all correspondence.  Please note that we handle emails on a case by case basis and may not get back to you.  This is only because it is important for our tiny team to reserve our energy for the things we do best--making badass Zombie Bunny Boxes.